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Live for Today and in your own way. 

Today Thursday 23.2017. 

I had an early morning 6:45am hiking session with great minds and enthusiastic couples. The morning was windy, you could see flowers opening up; getting ready to start photosynthesis and blooming, you could hear the morning birds singing sweetly on the trees and noisy beetles digging deep into the wood. At my back, I could see my friends having some quiet feel of this peace. 

As we climbed the hills and descend the valleys, we spoke of life, our appreciation of nature, our rather funny week, etc. After our 6th hill climb… it started to rain, but this couldn’t stop the plan of 9 hills. As the rain beat our backs and caps, as the hills became slippery and the valleys made up of pools of water, we got even more motivated to face the challenge and at the end clap for ourselves. And Yes it was tough but we made it through. 

At the end, we made it through but full of mud. Some of us slipped but no injury (the fun part) but we were all glad to be around each other to help support ourselves each time we fell. When the time came for us to shower, I didn’t go to the bath but something prompted me to take a short walk of reflection (by the way, I love early morning ‘feelings’, it refreshes me). I was amazed by this tree. It brought in some understanding about life;

Maybe it’s not clear but let me summarize how the tree looks like. I don’t know it’s name (it doesn’t really matter) but the tree is made of so many branches and each branch has a mixture of dark green and light green leaves. The light green leaves are the beauty to the tree. And are those that captivate viewers as they pass by. But the dark green leaves do not bring « interest ».

As someone with little knowledge in biology, I know that plants that are very green turn to have a lot of Chlorophyll (green plant pigment) and are those pigments that harvest sun rays enabling photosynthesis to take place. Whereas light green plants have very little of this pigment. 

Looking at our tree above, the light green leaves bring about beauty with little Sun ray harvesting mechanism whereas the dark green leaves bring about high Sun ray harvesting, enabling photosynthesis but little or no beauty. These two leaves coexist with no trouble but serve different main purposes.

It’s more like the life we leave in isn’t it? 

We may be having the same teacher, been to top schools together or different or similar backgrounds but as humans (the branch containing the two kind leaves), we aren’t and are never going to the same. Quit comparing, stop trying to live someone else’s life, stop jealousy, let go of complains and live for the moment. Live for today. Wake up each morning with the aim to follow your own path, fight your own battle and not someone else’s. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can care for people and share their troubles and pleasures but try not to use the phrase « I wish I were you » or  » I wish I was in your place ». 

It might for a short while seems the easy way but that’s not your life; it’s someone else’s. 

Be unique in your own way as you have been born to be. Live for Today, tomorrow will take care of itself and of course come with its own troubles but as long as there is Today, live your own life and not someone else’s. 

Thank you 
Article by: Ngocho Divine ZUMBI
BEng Civil and Structural Engineering 

Be careful of the ‘Truths’ you accept.

I had this talk with a friend some days ago, he has forever been wanting to change this aspect of himself (natures gift) that he didn’t like rather than accepting it and wait for nature to take its course.

My advice was a question; What made you see this factor as a limitation?

Him: I don’t know Divine, I just don’t like it. I have used all kinds of medicines, some made it even worst while others brought about no change.

ME: From my experience, its not that you don’t like it, its because you don’t like how people see you to be because you ‘think’ they feel disgusted when they see you.

Him: Yes.

ME: Who made people’s judgement a reason for your happiness? Who gave them the rights to decide who you should be or who you shouldn’t be?

The answer to these questions is YOU.

You gave them these rights. You have been carried out by Social Norms that you have lost track of your own uniqueness.

As a person, we should consider this two things, Ourselves as an individual and the world around us called The Other. Hence The Other is any other thing other than our individual selves. This then opens our eyes on this fact,

 » Our sense of self is shaped by our awareness of the ‘Other’, or the world around ourselves. However, it is the language of the other that forms our deepest thought » Says Jacques Lacan.

In order to proceed, we need to understand the fact that our perception is the backbone for reality. This means, how we see the world or how we choose to relate with The Other will fully define the life we create for ourselves and the mode in which we will choose to live. To a further end it might even define our truth or what we call truth. This is because,

« Truth can only be tolerated if we discover it ourselves » by Fritz Pearls

From this then,  we need to change how we perceive things by changing our inner psychic environment. This is because, it gives us the power to,

  • interpret our environment or the Other and
  • how to react to it

By controlling the inner psychic environment, we could readjust the way we react towards bad things, traffic, personal criticism such as looks,  bad test results, etc. For it is said,

« No one can make you angry other than yourself »

The biologist call this « homeostasis » which is the ability to maintain emotional stability despite environmental changes. Hence everyone has to take direct responsibilities on how he/she acts and reacts regardless of what seems to be happening.

Later after full ownership of our inner self, you have to understand then the use of the « I » word, I don’t mean Ipod or Apple products here, but the ownership of self. From the Gestalt ownership method, the use of « I » in speech requires a full sense of ownership. For Example,we need to change from  » I can’t do that » to  » I won’t do that », « I should not watch that kind of movies » to « I won’t watch it »  This shows the full or established ownership of feeling; emotions arise in and belong to me; I can’t blame someone or something else  for my feelings.

With this personal responsibility comes the obligation to refuse to experience events, relationships, or situations that we know to be wrong to the authentic selves. We also have to beware of Society Norms. We may have acted under the assumption of its truth for so long that it just becomes automatically right. The Bible speaks of this too.


« Gestalt theory encourages us to write our own realities, write our own rules, determine our own personal opinions, philosophies, desires, and interest. As we increase our awareness of self accountability, self reliance and self insight, we will understand we are building our own truths and realities. » This is true to some extend but it hides the real truth behind it. I know there is nothing as self reliance but reliance in God for the strength to submit to Him and build my life in him. For from Him, you will find the strength not to follow what the world calls « Truth ».

Thank you.

Article by: Divine Ngocho Zumbi

BEng Civil and Structural Engineering.

We all share some memories; someway, somehow.

While growing up, we often hear of gossips that we have a twin or someone who looks a lot like us somewhere in this world. This could look false but when we hear of Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, it could lead us to perhaps accept this gossip but refuse it could happen to us. Again we see similarities in life style, laugh styles, poker face, etc between ourselves and we start asking questions. This questions where long sorted in the early 20th Century. 

Carl Jung, a professor in University of Zurich 1935 explained that the physhe of every individual is made up of the Ego, the Personal unconscious and collective unconsciousness. 
The Ego contains our conscious mind and self including our emotions and thoughts whereas the unconscious is all about our daily experiences (memories) including those we choose to suppress and finally the collective unconscious which is made up of that location in our brain which houses archetypes. 
This article will focus more on the archetypes. 
Carl Jung was so interested in the way societies in and around the world share 

Summary of Carl Jungs explanations in « The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious 1934 ». Reference « The Psychology Book by DK »

certain similarities despite the fact that they are all made of different cultures. He thought of it as something just larger than humans individual experiences and believed that we all have ideas, experiences; in general, symbols belonging to our ancestors all dwelling in our collective unconscious. These inherited memories emerge within the psyche in the language of symbols with Jung calls archetypes. He went further to say, the use of instincts is actually the unconscious use of archetypes. 
This knowledge looks so much to absorb. Let me explain it better, I Divine, have 3 siblings, Crystal, Calvin and Clive from the same Mum and Dad. My Dad contains memories of his ancestors stored in his Collective Unconcious (CU) along side my Mum from her ancestors. Hence my siblings and I have the same memories from both Dad and Mum all stored in our own CU alondside our own personal experiences. When we have kids, then grand kids going further to great grand kids, they will all have memories piled up in their CU. At one point in time, if they are to build up their individual Cities, a lot of similarities will be seen between this cities and inorder words culture. But some differences could build up due to the splitting of momeries from my Dad and Mum to us their kids ( I will have my Dad and Mum’s memories including mine to give my generation whereas my siblings will have the same Dad and Mum’s memories including theirs). That difference will come due to the fact that my individual memories and that of my generation will be different from that of my siblings and their generation. But if we ( me and my siblings) were to build our cities, a lot of similarities will be seen due to the fact that we have immediate shared memories from our parents and hence our ancestors with little of our own dominating. 
These archetypes exist in our minds far before conscious thought, and hence forth have immediate power over on our perception of experience.
Does it make sense? 
If it does, this a very little summary of Carl Jung’s theory on the large similarities we see in our day to day lives despite our vast differences in culture. 

From, Ngocho Divine ZUMBI 
BEng Civil and Structural Engineering 

The feeling of inferiority as a way to archive success

Reference.. « The Psychology Book, by dk

During one of my studies on psychology, I came across an initial Freudian psychoanalyst Alfred Adler’s saying, « To be human is to feel inferior ». 

His depth on human understanding gave me an insight on what drives us to reach high heights and what we look up to in order to archive our full potentials. 

As a child, we were surrounded by friends who in our eyes, have better talents and to us they had all what’s needed to archive certain goals but we saw ourselves as limited. This limitations pushed some if not all to work harder, dream bigger so that we could be like them or archive similar goals in order to bridge the gap. 

To other kids who were limited as in with disabilities, they found archiving big goals or being better at something or being better than others will make them feel less depressed as a result of their disabilities. 
From the picture above then, we can conclude that making ourselves inferior or putting ourselves inferior to others will more than averagely spur us to work harder and strive for success. 
This too could also be a reason why Paul in the Bible advices us to always put others above us. For it’s only when we look down at ourselves that we will see the need to work harder, and strive for perfection in God’s sight. 
What then shall we do when we have archived such desired success? 

From The Psychology Book by dk, it’s seen that, 

     » Adler also recognized the equally unbalanced ‘Superiority complex’, manifested in a constant need to strive towards goals. When attained, these goals do not instil confidence in the individual, but merely prompt him to continually seek further external recognition and achievements. »

By, Ngocho Divine ZUMBI 

BEng Civil and Structural Engineering